My first post here on the Photogenics blog!  Why, hello there!  I’m Natalie Suarez.  I live in New York City and yeaaaah, I do a bunch of different things.  I model, but I’ve got another thing called a blog.  That’s why some call me “Natalie Off Duty“, Nat Off Duts, or just plain Nat.  Really, whatever you want.  I tell the story of my life.  From being a young model in LA to moving to the Big Apple, without knowing anybody, and making it for my own.  I’m proud to say things have really fallen into place.  And yes, I love clothes.  Denim cut-offs, loose knits…my style is everything from boho to rock-chic, and I’m a boots fanatic!  I designed the boots I’m wearing in the photos right here in NYC.  They’re called THE JETT, named after one of our all-time favorite badasses, Joan Jett.  Our “Dylana + Natalie Suarez x Modern Vice” boot completes my life, and I travel with them everywhere.  So there you have it.  Just a tiny bit of me…a music lover, designer, and last but certainly not least…model.  Can’t wait to share with you more and more bits of my life!

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