casting candids from OYSTER MAG…

And now some words from booker and resident Photogenics Mag photo editor/artist/photographer/new-ager, Nicci Arone:

“All day long when this casting was going on for Oyster Magazine I was getting emails from the models telling me how rad the photographers were and thanking me for sending them over to meet up.  That legit NEVER happens.

Combine Aussie talent, Mark Vassallo, with Cali native Mike Piscitelli in a Venice Beach bungalow, and apparently you have the chillest casting vibes in the city.  They even offered to let a couple of the guys and girls borrow their bikes to check out the Venice boardwalk.  Fuck working in an office, sometimes, eh?

On the real though, I was stoked that they were into so many of our talent.  We easily have the dopest ones on the west coast so I’m not at all surprised. (thumbs up!)” – N –

And guess what? Oyster Magazine thinks so too.  Check out some of our Photogenics kids featured on their blog in the article, Marky VS LA Casting.

Photos courtesy of Mark Vassallo for Oyster Magazine.

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