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I was born and raised in Puerto Rico before moving to Virginia. I grew up surrounded by cameras, so I’ve always been inspired to manifest the visions that live inside my mind. I finally started taking photography seriously while I was still in high school. By the time I was 17 I was working frequently across the country with my younger sister, who I managed at the time. Now at 26, I’ve relocated to NYC after almost a decade of working in this industry under several different roles.


When I’m not having fun behind or in front of the lens, I’m getting lost in a good story–– or more recently developing my voiceover skills. I’m a huge manga enthusiast and I love anime! I sound like an escapist, but I swear I’m not! I adore outdoor activities like Lacrosse (former goalie and defensive player here). I enjoyed the sport so much that at one point I was a varsity high school coach for a few seasons in between everything. I’m also a foodie who likes to travel, so combining those two interests has always led me to fun adventures with friends and family. Occasionally I’ll let my crazy out by doing birth chart readings, and I’m no stranger to tarot. I’m fascinated by all things dealing with the philosophical and occult–– after all, is that not at the root of all the art we create and consume? I think I’ll wrap this up by saying life is all about getting involved where you can, and I’m not scared to be seen living! I’m excited for what comes next now that I’ve signed with such an amazing team.