I grew up in the middle of the Pacific Ocean on a little island called O’ahu. I am native Hawaiian and was fortunate enough to go to a school designed for native Hawaiian children. I got to learn about the land and the community that it holds and fosters throughout my formative years, which has been incredible and beautiful. I also am very fortunate enough to have graduated with a major in English Literature and a minor in Psychology in four-years.


Since graduating I have found a lot of my joy in hobbies like crocheting and sewing. Being creative outside of my career allows me to appreciate sides to the fashion world that were new to me. I have recently picked up photography as a hobby because I think there’s so much beauty in being the one behind the lens and capturing things from your point-of-view instead of being in front of the lens. I also have a 3.5 year old mini schnauzer mix who is my whole world. He has been my steady hiking partner and beach partner as well. I love being outdoors and making new friends. I love to learn to things whenever I can and making friends along the way.