I’m a Cali girl born and raised in the Inland Empire by the most creatively inclined mother, who was a makeup artist, hair stylist , choreographer, actress, rapper and rock artist. I had no choice but to be who I am. My first loves were singing and dancing. I danced competitively and professional throughout my childhood into adulthood, in ballet, tap , jazz, hip hop, musical theater. In my adult life I’ve fallen more in love with heels and modern dance classes. I know I was born to put on a show.


The last few years I’ve been song writing and making music, with plans to release my first EP this year. I continue to find myself through interesting outlets like learning new cooking recipes, trying out unique hairstyle on myself, gardening, amateur photography, sewing, and acting. Currently broadening my horizons by going to school for Social Media Marketing.My introduction to the modeling world was through UWM models open casting. I showed up and didn’t get a call back , so I shaved all my hair off and showed up again the next week hoping the wouldn’t recognize me, and I was signed! I love the life I live and I’m thankful that I gave myself a second chance at life. As someone who struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts/actions for a decade and has now made it through to the other side, I hope that I can inspire others to know that we are not our past.