Eve, a South Philly native, was raised by her amazing mom who always encouraged her to embrace authenticity and pursue her passions. Every day, Eve continues to explore and express her creativity. At the age of 13, Eve found herself working as a performer in the circus, initially unsure of her direction but eventually specializing in martial art weapons and pyrotechnics. Over the course of eight years, she traveled the world, gaining invaluable personal growth from the experience.


At 21, an unfortunate injury led to Eve’s retirement from the circus. Despite the challenge of leaving that life behind, it steered her towards a new and exciting path—modeling. For Eve, modeling is more than just appearances; it involves the intricate art and creativity of embodying an image. Throughout her modeling career, Eve discovered a significant passion for photography, content creation, and set design, enriching her artistic journey even further. The wild ride has been a source of joy, and she continues to revel in every moment of it.