Being from the heart of South Georgia, my southern roots are easy to see. I never meet a stranger, I will automatically say yes ma’am and y’all is a staple in my vocabulary. I grew up with a large, loud, and loving family. My brothers kept me well rounded by letting me play with my Barbie before lunch but by 3pm I was Quarterback in our neighborhood football game. I’m extremely competitive and love all sports! Growing up I played soccer, flag football, and cheered under the Friday night lights in high school! During college I was scouted and I was instantly enamored by the industry.


Meeting other creatives and artists who love fashion, design and those who wanted to give representation to girls and guys who didn’t fit the stereotypical look was something I was in awe of. Growing up in a small town there were not a lot of girls who looked like me or who were celebrated for being 5’10 and plus size. When I started modeling I wanted to make sure other people knew beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.