Hey there, it’s Jazz! I was born and raised in the heart of rural Wisconsin. After high school, I headed to Vassar College, diving deep into human rights, racial politics, and housing rights. I graduated with degrees in Africana Studies and Geography, and afterwords, perused a degree in early childhood education. When the pandemic hit, my college closed its doors, and I came to LA to pod with friends.


During this time I became a nanny, which sparked my passion for childcare. Now, I aid neurodivergent children in schools and teach at a nursery school.I thrive outdoors – hiking, yoga, and chasing waterfalls to polar plunge! I love an active lifestyle and also enjoy pilates, rock climbing, basketball, volleyball, and even a bit of rollerskating. When I’m not spending time outdoors, I love to be cozy at home with my cats! I love to cook and host dinners. I additionally enjoy reading and getting creative through writing, drawing, painting, and crochet. Each day is an opportunity to learn, explore, and play!