Born in Bryn Mawr PA, right outside of Philadelphia – stayed here until i was scouted as a model at 16, then at 18 i moved full time to LA, then i took some time off modeling and got my degree in communication studies and graphic design in West Chester, PA. There I found my love for marketing and social media for small businesses. I then moved to NY to model again where I was able to travel the world!


Until covid hit and I moved back to my hometown to spend more time with my family and friends, and that’s where I still live. In my free time I also run a couple of social media accounts for small businesses, focusing on video content! I have always loved making videos, even from a young age picking up the camcorder to shoot as much video as I could. In high school I would make 3 minute+ long videos of any trip I went on and always loved how much video could transport you back into a moment or experience like you were experiencing it all over again.