My name is Marika O’Farrell. I’m from Montreal, Canada, and I am a French Canadian. My modeling journey began in 2019 when I participated in and won a contest in New York. Subsequently, I was signed in New York, London, and Canada. Since then, I’ve been extensively traveling while pursuing my university studies part-time in administration/marketing through online courses. Adapting to different environments and connecting with various people is one of my strengths.


The life style of traveling a lot is really fun to me but I try to keep it balanced and healthy. I explore diverse fitness activities like Pilates, boxing, kickboxing, pole fitness, HITT workouts, and yoga. On a daily basis, I engage in cardio and weightlifting at the gym. In my youth, I played sports such as soccer, cheerleading, and being Canadian means being able to do ice skating. Additionally, I enjoy walks, especially with my dog back home!