Samirah Raheem epitomizes a dynamic force—a versatile actress, sought-after model, and tireless social activist. Her fervent advocacy for women’s rights catapulted her to global prominence when a viral debate video garnered a staggering 27 million views, resonating as a rallying cry for change-makers worldwide and firmly establishing her as an internet luminary. A graduate of The New School University, where she refined her craft in the arts, Samirah’s impact transcends conventional boundaries.
She has lent her presence to campaigns for esteemed brands like Aerie, Saie Beauty, Venus, Spotify, and Nike, while her runway finesse has enraptured audiences in fashion hubs like New York, Milan, and Paris.


Beyond traditional mediums, Samirah wields significant influence on social media, captivating an engaged audience on TikTok and Instagram, boasting over 400k followers on TikTok and 300k on Instagram. Her influence extends further through impactful social media takeovers for Harper’s Bazaar and Maison Margiela, alongside being recognized in Dazed Magazine’s prestigious list of 100 creators to watch.

Yet, Samirah’s creative portfolio extends beyond modeling and acting. She is the creative force behind “Samirah Says,” a self-produced series confronting critical topics such as mental health, body positivity, and unity. Her partnerships with brands such as Lingua Franca and CHNGE highlight her steadfast dedication to meaningful causes, directing proceeds to support organizations like The YellowFund for women’s reproductive services, as well as arts and education programs at AGC in Los Angeles and the LES Girls Club in NYC.