I am born and raised in beautiful North East LA and am Mexican and Salvadorian. I received my bachelors degree at UCLA with an Education and Chicano Studies double major. My research was based on incorporating ethnic studies to early childhood curricula and development. As a 1st generation student, I became an educator and pursued a career as an LAUSD certified teacher after graduation.


My goal was always to bring back to my community and interestingly enough my community was who introduced me into the world of modeling. I started up by working with LA brands and creatives. My community holds a special place in my heart and always will be my biggest inspiration. It’s important to me to bring the same work of cultural competence that I was implementing with my children into to the world of modeling and the fashion industry. I am a very big outdoorsy person and I love being in nature and feeling grounded. Whenever I am not in LA, I am either with family in Mexico or El Salvador. All of my family live fairly remote and are indigenous, some of my favorite hobbies are hiking, horseback riding, swimming in the ocean, and learning natural remedies from my grandmother.