Theresa is a second generation Ghanaian-American that grew up in a small town in Delaware. Despite this, she has always dreamed big and was determined that with hard work everything she desired would be hers. Having always wanted to work in fashion, she originally relocated to NYC to pursue fashion styling, however she also submitted herself to modeling agencies and eventually transitioned from assisting stylists and retail work to modeling full time. During this time, she was able to get credits in major publications such as DAZED magazine for her styling work.


Outside of modeling, she’s very passionate about her new brand, ADOBEA ADJEI, which acts as a digital curated marketplace. The brand aims to share cultural significance through sourcing products from the continent of Africa and the African Diaspora.
When she’s not modeling or working on ADOBEA ADJEI, Theresa can be found investing time into her multiple hobbies which include watching new films, dancing, taking kickboxing classes, reading and exploring the many cultural and fashion centered escapades that New York City has to offer. She also enjoys making her own jewelry and keychains with beads and pearls and is currently learning metal works with the goal of creating her own grills and metal based jewelry.