Meet photographer, model, and digital content creator, James Acai. James lived most of his impressionable years in Nigeria, where a simple life fueled his curiosity and creativity. As a kid, he’d often visit a nearby lake and get lost in the beauty of nature surrounding him. These moments were instrumental in James’ preoccupation with photography.

James Acai

  • Height 6′2 | 188cm
  • Waist 30 | 76cm
  • Shoe Size 12 | 11.5 | 46
  • Hair Black
  • Eyes Brown
James Acai_Photogenics Digital Talent

"James' photographs depict the complexity of being human..."

… self portraits that display the intimacy of solitude, while other imagery of subjects holding themselves portray a lens of sensitivity. Waves and textures of sand are juxtaposed against soft hands and vibrant fruits, merging themes of humanity, water, and nature – demonstrating that in the end, everything is connected. His admiration for photography and creative direction has led to him collaborating with name brands such as Burberry, Giorgio Armani, Mr. Porter, Paul Smith, and Salvatore Ferragamo. James is constantly in awe of how beautiful life is and continues to pursue its beauty through his creative endeavors.