Ađ aka Dasha Nguyen is a russian vietnamese multidisciplinary artist exploring manifestations of pleasure and memory through wearable sculpture, still and moving image. Born 1994 moscow, they moved from competitive dancing to writing for print to digital media and camera work 2022 launching Arma Voluptatis, design and jewelry studio combining their passions for maximalist material narratives and artisanal craft with humanistic values, while their visuals capture fleeting, surreal, invisible to the naked eye or impossible states and scenarios.


Their sculpture has been exhibited at Slovenian Jewelry Week, Mot+++ Saigon, was featured in Vogue, L’Officiel, Forbes, Blanc, Marie Claire, Heritage magazines, The New Mentor tv show, artworks of Viktoria Modesta, Ho Ngoc Ha, People’s Artist Le Khanh. They are the first Vietnamese designer represented by DressX and Not Just A Label independent platforms and our only talent active both sides of the camera in physical and meta spaces who is also a digital fashion partner of Photogenics LA avatar division.