Ad Mur aka Dasha is a jewelry designer, multi disciplinary creative, producer, model, actress. Born in 1994 Moscow, raised between Russia and Vietnam a very typical post soviet + hearty pinch of tiger parenting way, climbing trees, grandma’s garden, dance class x5 a week, always messing with some sort of fibers, tools, paints, ever-hoarded ephemera, they altered or made their own clothes as long as they can remember, at 12 wrote for a district paper in Moscow, 15 published their own hoping to grow up an investigative journalist but eventually opted for longer life expectancy opposite: advertising.


Halfway through communications scholarship, they stated working as a photographer, editor and graphic designer of a nightlife platform to later focus more on creative, art direction, script writing and production aspects freelance and a part of ad agencies and production houses in Ho Chi Minh. while learning about sustainability in fashion business, to gain more insight into environmental and social impacts of adornments they shifted to the other side of the camera and in 2022 launched Arma Voluptatis: design and jewelry studio combining their passions for maximalist, material narrative and artisanal craft with humanistic values.