I was born in Brooklyn, NY, then moved to Maryland when I was 5 years old. Being the child of immigrants from Guyana and Trinidad I decided for college returning to New York was the right idea. Such a melting pot of different cultures, I quickly gravitated towards the Caribbean community in Brooklyn not far from where my grandparents live. I graduated from LIM College with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing.


Moving to LA in 2021 I have found myself diving into overall wellness more. I enjoy hiking, self-improvement podcasts, self-care Sundays, meditation, and sound baths. Anything to calm my mind is right up my alley like cooking, restoring furniture, pottery, and knitting. One of the things that brought me to LA was the active lifestyle. Outside of my daily exercise routine which includes running and pilates, I want to explore indoor rock climbing. When I’m not running with my dog Babs I find myself checking out events. I was scouted at one of these events which felt like a full circle moment. Growing up as a child modeI signed with Wilhelmina I never thought I would get back into it, but thankfully I was approached by Photogenics at a fashion festival.