Allegra is a model and digital creator born in Seoul, South Korea. The challenges she had to face as a first generation Korean-American growing up in the US prepared her for the fast-paced nature of the fashion industry. Allegra spent a big part of her youth living in Hawai’i, where she likes to frequent and would curate a dream-like island universe compiling her modeling and photographic work.


Following her artistic passions, Allegra pursued her academic journey in Paris, France – focusing on Political Science and Foreign Policy. She successfully completed her undergraduate studies in one of the world’s most prestigious cities. Her insatiable desire for knowledge and diverse interests then led her to Harvard, where she specialized in digital media analytics and social media. Allegra’s edge resides on her overachieving personality. She’s been commissioned by brands as a creative consultant, photographer and content creator, as well as DJ. Currently, Allegra resides between LA and Paris, France.