I was born in Russia, Moscow. Since early childhood I felt a need to create. In elementary school art was my favorite subject. My mother supported my interests in took me to art school where I learned basics of academic drawing and sculpture. I planned to continue with art as my degree, but I was scouted by modeling agency. I always was fascinated by world of fashion, so with out thinking twice I picked marketing as my degree, because I could do it long distance and modeling became my first priority.


Now I forward my creativity to pretty much anything you can make by hand. I love to crochet and knitting, trying myself out in sewing. Still drawing as well, exploring digital art and 3D. Urge to create also led me to staring my small business of hand crafted jewelry – Velvet Luna, it’s only 2 years old but growing fast, you can already find us at Urban Outfitters! I always just feel like doing and creating something that I enjoy will bring me wherever I want to be, still following this rule with out thinking about it twice.