My name is Ausen Espinosa and I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Growing up in L.A. has been a wild ride, and I’m grateful for every second of it! Experiencing the beaches, mountains, people, culture, and food of California in my formative years has shaped the person I am today, and I pride myself on my creativity and boldness I have developed as a result. I am currently a community college student attending Mt. San Antonio College. I enjoy attending school and challenging myself academically as it keeps me driven in both the classroom and my other ambitions.


One of my new hobbies is traveling and experiencing new cultures; I recently returned from a semester studying abroad in Rome, Italy, where I spent three months in the country. In Italy, I expanded my knowledge on Italian culture and Italian art, and a major takeaway for me was the power of being artistic. To walk past beautifully historic pieces of art everyday was greatly inspiring to me, to both stay motivated towards my goals and stay creative. My other hobbies and passions include acting, singing, cooking, and running. I am passionate about acting because I recognize the power that is entertaining others, to allow people to laugh and enjoy themselves, and in turn I find that I can truly express myself on stage and behind camera. I find this same self expression come alive in me whenever I sing, cook, run, and of course, model.