Born and raised in Fort Worth, TX. Where I grew up outside playing around the apartment complex, riding bikes, catching reptiles, or hanging out with friends making music late at night or outdoors being a kid. The least of my worries were If I dirtied my black & white Jordan 11’s or stain the cream Cashmere sweater Aunt Liz bought me for church. Not everything was roses where I was born and raised. So, me caring about such things was baffling to me. 2010, was the beginning of a new shift in the chapter of my life. My mother and I applied for as many loans as possible to get me accepted into LARS “The Los Angeles Recording School” based in Los Angeles, California. For a lot of people, they knew; it was a bold move. Without any understanding or experience of ever living in LA I arrived by a leap of faith.


Experiencing multiple jobs working in LA, a friend at the time hooked me up with a job working sales at All Saints. After 2 years, I was thankful to come across a life changing opportunity to Model. While working at the All Saints retail store, the head director of my agency scouted me. Never in a million years would I have thought I’d be scouted by a Modeling agency growing up in the conditions I’ve overcome. I could honestly tell you that I’m forever grateful and emotionally affected in a good way because I made it out. With a shift in thoughts, it can be a shift in change. Throughout my time of music and modeling I decided to dive more into my creative skills and add a few more skill sets to my life. I picked up a camera to capture more of my life journey for content. Bought a laptop to edit photos and film for graphic designing. Took an Improv class to craft my expressions and interactions on camera. Started a clothing company to open an outlet to the people in my community along with the creative individuals who rose from that same place of discomfort or rough conditions that I’ve experienced.