I’m a Virginia native who had the chance to grow up in places like Tunisia, Portugal, and Italy. Italy has always been extra special to me as I am half Italian and have lots of family there. After living overseas most of my life, I made my way back to Virginia before finding my new home in Los Angeles. I’m currently studying for a bachelor in business degree, but when I’m not, you’ll find me cooking, sketching, playing piano, or immersed in video games.


Oh, and I can’t forget my love for playing with makeup, yoga sessions, hiking, and spending time with my friends and family. Instagram opened doors for me when I was scouted on there and began to pursue my career in modeling. My main goal is to model full-time one day, but for now I also have a job as a waitress in a restaurant! Outside of that, I’m dog-sitting a lot and a beach lover now that I’m in California. Traveling is in my blood, thanks to a childhood filled with it, and I’m eager to continue seeing new places as I grow older.