Born to a Liberian mother and Puerto Rican father, my story is nothing short of a true New York upbringing. Even in my youngest years, I dreamed of entertaining the masses. My dad was a rapper and my mom was a fashion connoisseur, so I was constantly surrounded by art!


I was heavily influenced by Michael Jackson and would often imitate his work in my small Brooklyn apartment (which was probably a stadium in my head). I participated in the Broadway adaptation of “The Lion King,” and that furthered my drive for artistic expression. Over time, I developed a strong appreciation for fashion and realized how vital it was to not only my personal growth but also the change I wanted to see in the world. I was scouted on Instagram after I had already been pursuing modeling for a year! I have a wide range of interests, from dance to photography, and I’m actively working towards all of them in hopes that I can go back to Liberia and help build it from the ground up someday. Mom, Sevah, I’m on TV!