When you meet Diana you’d think she’s an enigmatic person. Introvert then extrovert. Homebody then out doing activities with friends. A gemini, isn’t she? Diana is half Filipino, half American. She’s a fine line tattoo artist and a former astrologer (yet still passionate).


She was born in Baltimore and after 5 years moved away to be raised throughout Texas. Around this time, Diana was diagnosed with hearing loss and she now wears hearing aids. At 16, she was scouted at a Barnes & Noble in Dallas. After High School she left Dallas to pursue her career and travel the world, living in Los Angeles and now New York City. She loves to chase waterfalls, try new vegan recipes, look after her orchids, arrange flowers, cuddle with her rescued mini schnauzer, do 1000 piece puzzles, read fiction books, astrology charts, and discovering past lives.