Diana kickstarted her career in the chic realms of New York, London, Milan, and Paris. She worked for a famous brands, rocking many high-fashion shows and campaigns. Plus, she had her couture moment on some of the biggest runways. Living between these fashion meccas for years, she soaked in the essence of haute couture. However, two years ago, a change of heart led her to fall for Los Angeles. Now, it’s not just a residence; it’s her muse and the heartbeat of her creative journey.


Since Diana is now living in LA she is passionately exploring the art of acting, finding it as captivating as modeling but with a fresh allure. Alongside this, she’s a pianist, having graduated from a music school. Music is her daily wellspring of strength and inspiration. She is weaving a beautiful dance of diverse pursuits—fashion, acting, music, and more. Diana loves staying active with sports, cherishes moments of well-being, and embraces the beauty of skincare as her delightful hobbies, creating a simple yet elegant symphony of self-care.