Hey there! I’m Fernanda, but everyone calls me Fer ( the sound it’s a little bit weird in English but I swear it’s super normal in Portuguese and Spanish lol) I’m Brazilian, born and raise in São Paulo! I started my modeling career after one and a half year of studying marketing in college in São Paulo, when I was 18 years old. So I drop of college and decide to follow my passion and my gut, since I was always fascinated by art and fashion. And everything that happens behind the scenes in a fashion shoot, all the work, effort and art behind every production was something that always amazed me.


So after a few years of traveling and exploring the word, getting to know amazing people from different continents and learning more 3 languages, I would say that all those experiences made me who I am today. My principal passions are music, photography and sports. Especially water ones. I love wakesurf, surf and kitesurf – you can also say that I love summer- yoga, pilates and funcional training too. I like to keep my body and my mind in the same frequency, so for me always work a little bit of dose of dopamine in the morning with exercise and meditation. Growing up I was also a ballerina and jazz dancer ! I had to quit because of an injure in my ankle when I was a teenager, but my passion for music and dancing keeps going as I still love to go out to dance with friends. I consider myself as a very easy and out going person, as a funny one too! I always say that I’m down for any type of plan with friends and family.