Hannah grew up in SoCal, with the beach as her playground and the ocean her jungle gym. She grew up with two sides to her. While uncovering her deep love for all things fashion and, an innate adventurous side took her surfing, skiing, hiking, and playing other various sports, which she still enjoys to this day.


During her last year of college, Hannah started freelance assisting, styling, and modeling, while developing her image on instagram and showcasing her personal brand. During this time, she graduated with her Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Merchandising at Cal State Long Beach. From developing her network through school, freelancing, and modeling on the side for friends, she reconnected with a classmate who opened the door to her modeling career with Photogenics.

Decked with a passion for photography and social media, Hannah founded HS Creative LLC. When she is not modeling, she is managing accounts, creating content, and directing shoots. The creative juices are always flowing, and she proudly brings her signature vivacious energy to set. Whether it is in her uplifting nature, or the way she stomps in with her signature red cowboy boots, Hannah is always wanting to leave you inspired.