I was born and grew up in Belarus. As a child, I was very active and engaged in numerous activities and hobbies, ranging from karate and ballet dancing to sewing plush toys and singing in school choir. I attended music school for 5 years, majoring in accordion. To this day, I can still play the accordion, surprising many as it is not a typical instrument for a girl. At 15, I went to a modeling school in my hometown and was approached to become a model.


My first modeling contract took me to Japan, where I instantly fell in love with the culture and way of living. It became my dream to learn the Japanese language, and now I’m proud to say I’m almost fluent in Japanese. I celebrated my 18th birthday in NYC by shooting a music video for a rock band. We filmed at night in the forest, and I ended up being fully covered in mud – the coolest birthday I’ve ever had! Now, after 10 years in NYC, I proudly consider myself a New Yorker. This city has made me very active, practicing Vinyasa yoga and Pilates reformer. I’ve also revisited my old hobby – ballet dancing – which I continue to enjoy to this day. I spent a year in Japan during Covid, which inspired me to create my own YouTube channel. I shoot travel vlogs and document my daily life as a model. Make and edit videos myself is a skill that has enhanced my comfort speaking on camera and understanding how to move for a cooler shots in my modeling job.