I grew up in Taiwan, completing fashion design degrees in college and attending fine art school since junior high. With extensive experience collaborating with artists, I possess skills in graphic and fashion design. I also hold licenses in Advertising Design, Image, and Text Pagination from my high school and college degrees. Passionate about photography, my unique vision is expressed through various materials, showcasing my soul as an art piece. Basketball has always been my favorite sport and a therapeutic escape. In recent years, cycling through New York City has become a source of inspiration and calmness, observing the streets, traffic, parks, beaches, and forests.


My modeling journey began in Taiwan during the summer of 2011. Winning a competition at my college introduced me to Catwalk Taiwan, my first mother agency. Using the names Simon and later Jean, inspired by Jean-Paul Gaultier, I’ve embraced modeling for 12 years. I know there’s sometimes confusion about my nationality, but I continue with the name Jean, curious about where the future will lead. While still passionate about painting, I pay close attention to artistic details and proportions. Sculpture and experimenting with various materials are integral to my artistic expression. I look forward to my first solo show in Taipei City by the end of June 2024, eager to reveal different facets of my deepest Gemini personality through my artworks.