Katie grew up in Portland, Oregon and was instilled with a love of the outdoors from an early age. She enjoys hiking and camping and is slowly but surely making her way through all the National Parks in the U.S. — and even some in other countries — though she is equally happy when she takes a walk in her sunny LA neighborhood.


In addition to modeling, Katie works in production, primarily helping produce branded projects. She’s very inspired by the visual beauty of photography and films, and takes her own photographs as well. She’s also a writer who has always been moved by words; in college she studied English and Communications, and she’s starting to run out of space on her shelf for all the books she reads. Other hobbies of Katie’s include watercoloring, swimming, fostering cats, going to flea markets, playing board games, and chatting with her friends for hours on end.

Katie was scouted in a shopping mall when she was 17 and is incredibly grateful for the modeling career that’s unfolded since. She adores being part of a creative process, getting to meet and work with talented and imaginative photographers, make up artists, clients, hair stylists etc, and helping bring a vision to life.