I was shown at a young age how precious life was. I was raised visiting my dad in the hospital. He is still with us today and its a miracle… the fight hasn’t been easy for him. He said he is alive today because his goal was just to live to see tomorrow. He kept making that a goal and eventually he realized he was able to make it happen. I see the importance in making goals no matter how small and if you can work on a goal a little bit one day you’ll achieve them! I learned how lucky we are to have a body and a healthy one if that!


I have been in love with all things fitness, and health. I always wanted to do what I could with my body for those who couldn’t. I love running and exercising because I can! Some people don’t get that opportunity. Everyday I wake up grateful for my health and being able to set personal records and achieve my health and fitness goals. I have played several sports basketball, soccer, disc golf, baseball, skateboarding, mountain biking, hiking, cross country to name a few and my most favorite track! I love running, its the best medicine for me, its when I can problem solve with no distraction, or even come up with a genius idea!