I’m from a small town in Maryland called Friendship. You wouldn’t believe how many people thought I had a fake ID when they read “Friendship MD.” I have severe hearing loss and am now a hearing aid queen. I started tearing up at Petco when I heard the birds chirping for the first time. I’m obsessed with dogs and yes I’m the one at the store looking at your dog and sobbing. I have a cute dog of my own with a curly tail named Dave.


I love cooking! My love language is feeding you food and seeing how happy it makes you! Im an empath, so whatever I can do for others that puts a smile on their face I will. My “how I got scouted” story feels like a movie. I was visiting my best friends that just moved to LA and I got scouted in a coffee shop in Huntington Beach. Two weeks later I signed with my agency, moved out to LA and started a journey that has forever changed my life!