London Knight is a half Nigerian half Jamaican born in San Diego who was diagnosed with Sickle cell Disease at 3 months old.but grew up in Missouri. Going to A Visual Performing Arts School was essentially what provided her with confidence of pursuing her dreams. As a young women she loved competing in Mathematical &Business Competitions as member of Future Business Leaders of America. During her time in school she learned the play the saxophone & flute. But although she was very studious everyone only recognized her height & striking features.


After school she decided she wanted to travel, she became a flight attendant for American Airlines but also realized something was missing. Thriving & traveling made her want to share her knowledge about her successful journey/lifestyle with Sickle cell she became an Ambassdor/Advocate for Sickle Cell Disease Speaking all over world she also has her own non profit organization called London’s Love for Sickle Cell Education & Mental Health Awareness The purpose of London’s Love Foundation is to educate & bringing awareness to Sickle cell Disease and The Long term effects like Mental Health Issues. Londons Love provides different services for kids & Young Adults to ensure they can have a successful life while living with Sickle cell disease. For More information about LondonsLove visit Giving Back is very close to her heart which Is why she is Modeling being inspirational Speaker to Young Adults as well helping them inter & navigate following their dreams regardless of their circumstances. She’s an all over entrepreneur and doing it by sharing her story & purpose. Enjoying Wellness & Health Self Care & Activities that better your Mental & Physical Health is her hobbies that includes Yoga, Working Out, SelfCare Sundays, Dressing up/Wearing Makeup. Spreading Awareness about mental & physical health is very important & modeling/acting continues to help provide a platform for London.