My name is Marije Achterbosch Dengler, I’m Dutch and born and raised in the North of the Netherlands in a small town at the coast called Harlingen in Friesland. My dad used to be a pilot for KLM so I joined him a lot on little trips around the world. I was always sad to go back home to my small town, I thought it was very boring haha. Now I am very grateful I grew up in such a small, wholesome place, but also very happy I got the opportunity to leave for modeling as soon as I finished high school at 18.


After I lived and modeled in different European cities and NYC, I moved to Amsterdam and started my own matcha brand called Matcha Mafia.
I never really got into coffee, so matcha became my obsession when I lived in New York and I wanted to bring this drink back to Amsterdam.
Together with my husband and a friend we opened 2 cafes in Amsterdam, which I made all the recipes for. After about 3 years we closed our cafe’s and continued the brand online. I now run the Matcha Mafia e-commerce webshop by myself, I realized this is the perfect way for me to share matcha with the world.