I was born and raised in small village in Croatia. I’ve finished medical school in Croatia and in age of 18 I’ve moved to Germany where I started working as nurse in hospital on oncology. This period of my life transform me and build in grown person very fast. Trough my time working and helping people with cancer I’ve realized how short it’s life and that we should go for everything we want and don’t wait for right moment or people.


I stoped working in hospital and moved to Berlin where I started being my creative self. I started working as a stylist and one day on shoot I got scouted and after 2 weeks I was in London, NYC and after traveling the whole world I’m based now in LA. During my time in Berlin I’ve practice modern dance, I also started drawing in that time. I speak 4 languages Croatian, English, German and Italian. I’m big sporty girl, all started in my night school with running 800 m for my school and until today I love working out and in my free time to roller blade. I’m getting into editing and working on some creative ideas with my friends which hopefully soon will turn into projects that we want.