Born and raised as a Georgia peach in Atlanta, Maya Tourè has always had an artistic touch. Growing up, she learned how to sew, crochet, and created many arts and crafts with her grandmother. She was the kid that performed dance routines and fashion shows with her latest collection for her family at gatherings with her younger sister. *Que “Low” by Flo Rida feat. T. Pain* It was only natural that in middle and high school she picked up a musical talent playing the violin. She continues that passion creating music in the studio to this day. During the pandemic, her new creativity outlet became roller skating as a way to dance, enjoy music, and learn a new skill.


Maya’s modeling career started just shy of 18 in ATL, GA. Now 25, Maya has lived and traveled to Florida, Cuba, Jamaica, Chile, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, all through the blessings from God. Eventually landing in LA, CA. This has been her home for the past 5 years, in and out.