Maya was born on a leap day into a family of native New Yorkers. When she wasn’t caring for her first love, her horse Ziva, you could have found her with her nose stuck in a book or trying her hand at writing her own. At the age of 13, Maya’s world expanded cosmically as her family relocated to Manhattan. She embraced her blooming independence by way of transportation. Whether be it by foot or train, she was certainly mobile and never without headphones blaring post-punk.


Maya’s modeling career started when the venti iced green tea she had ordered from a Starbucks on 63rd and Lexington was taking forever. A scout approached her and asked the age-old question, “Have you ever considered being a model?”. Since that fateful day, Maya has worked in both Los Angeles and New York and will insistently never decide which city she likes more. Despite her lack of proclaimed preference, Maya has put roots down in Los Angeles and decided on it being her home base for a while.