My name is Minji. I am half Korean half American – Utah Native. As soon as I turned 18 I needed a faster paced lifestyle and escaped to LA. My life has been the ‘“epitome of the Los Angeles Dream.” In just a few years after a lot of hard work, new friends, and jumping to any work opportunity – I’ve worked with dream clients such as NIKE, Lululemon, Northface, Fenty, Smashbox, Nordstrom- to being featured in commercials for Apple or Buick. Working in the fashion industry for over a decade I’ve taken up positions both in front and behind the camera with expertise not just in modeling but production, photography, directing, casting, and styling.


I am newly the co-creative director of GUMI, a lifestyle brand that focuses on sustainability and produces active influenced garments. Through GUMI, I aspire to share my knowledge with behind-the-scene passions by exploring several roles such as photography, art directing, and producing. Alongside being a model and a co-business director, I am also very passionate about the rescue system, adopting my dog, Cash, through I STAND WITH MY PACK. I am deeply inspired by movement and love outdoor activities. Specializing in yoga, pilates, snowboarding, and cycling. I aspire to create, move, and make more art with friends.