Naomi Broquet, a 21-year-old born in West Africa, Senegal, boasts a diverse heritage encompassing French, Senegalese, Egyptian, Belgian, Guinean, Portuguese, and Asian roots. Raised with a strong emphasis on multilingualism by her mother, Naomi currently speaks five languages, including Fulani, sousou, French (first language), European Spanish, and English, the latter of which she has mastered over the past six years. Currently pursuing studies in psychology at a Boston-based college, Naomi aspires to contribute to the mental health and psychological field. Her academic achievements include a Level 2 business and accounting degree from London.


Additionally, she holds certifications as a licensed skin care esthetician and lash technician/specialist, with her professional endeavors showcased on her business Instagram, @vipcarebynaomie. Beyond her academic pursuits, Naomi is a versatile individual with a passion for writing, particularly in poetry and authoring books. Engaging in artistic projects, she serves as a lyricist and compositor, currently working on a poetry album slated for release in 2024. Notably, Naomi has previously established a successful skin care brand, which sold out. While contemplating a potential rebrand, she currently prioritizes her artistic endeavors, reserving future plans for her skincare business.