I grew up all over the place, actually. I was born in London, to a Scottish family. I lived for a couple years in Melbourne, Australia growing up, then back to London! Then after many years there, I moved to California with my family, lived in a few places in Orange County and moved schools a lot, mainly for academic pursuit as well as cross country and track competitions. My accent is unidentifiable, as I have bits and pieces from all of these great places!


Now I live in Edinburgh, Scotland, where I go to the University of Edinburgh studying Archaeology and Social Anthropology, as well as History of Art. I love traveling, as it’s all I know and I’ve been lucky enough to live in three different continents in my life all before I was 10! I love to run, well I love the accomplishment of it. I’m a ‘comedian’ of sorts – I won a $1000 scholarship for humor this year. I filled out a questionnaire to my ‘funniest ability’ and got the big bucks! I was scouted in London earlier this year on a trip with my friends, we were on our way to a concert and I got so startled I scared the scout.