I was born and raised in Dallas Texas, where I was just your normal good student, athlete, friend etc. I spent every summer in a small town in Indiana with my grandfather on his horse ranch where I as I reflect now, shaped me a lot into who I am today as an individual and creative. I had a hidden talent for drawing even though I never had any traditional training or classes but I remember it being something I always enjoyed.


When I was 13 my family spent some time in Los Angeles to “start fresh” before quickly moving back because of unfortunate circumstances. As my time here was brief, I was fascinated by the culture of the arts in entertainment / high fashion world as I barely scratched the surface of. I knew I needed more. When I turned 16 in Dallas and got my license- I immediately drove out to LA alone, and enrolled myself into High school out here. The next day I went job hunting and landed myself a role in a DTLA factory where I worked a graveyard shift cutting fabric before it was sewn. Ever since then I have worn many hats in the industry, graduating through tiers, working with incredible individuals, brands, companies – always finding ways keep myself forever a student of the ever evolving world of fashion.