I’m Orryn Wesley Nicholson and I was born in Sugar Land Texas. I’m currently working to go back into school to Study Architecture Design as I left my previous college playing 2 years of Football. Needless to say, football was never my passion. Which brings me into Modeling! I got scouted early 2020 prior to Covid, then the pandemic happened and I was unfortunately out of work in this field. So I got photographers and a stylist out here in the Houston area to help boost my Instagram.


I was thankful it led me to getting scouted in London to coming home and getting reached out to by Photogenics and I am grateful to be apart of this team. I love to create, as I’m currently working on my own project in hopes to release middle of next year. I love to run as my form of exercise as I’m training for the sugar land marathon! Cooking I would say is a hidden talent of mine, definitely know how to whip it up in the kitchen.