I am a native Los Angelino and have lived most of my life in the arts driven historic West Adams area of the city. Since graduating from high school in 2023, I have focused on developing my interests in modeling, acting, voice acting and animation. I was scouted by Photogenics in 2022 during a field trip to Venice Beach while completing the New York Film Academy’s summer program in animation.


My mother is a visual artist with a daily practice, and her studio is in the backyard of our Craftsman home. I have inherited her art genes and appreciation of the artistic process and aesthetics. This manifests itself in my lifelong interests in drawing, and more recent interests in animation, voice acting, acting, and expressing my persona through fashion. The Pandemic, while difficult, presented me with an opportunity to transition from an ardent fan of animation into a creator. With the help of the animating community on Discord, I became self-taught and have participated in many collaborations ranging from fan animation, games and music videos. Animation opened the door to my interests in voice acting and acting, both of which I am enthusiastic about pursuing. I have taken advanced classes in voice acting at Voice Trax West and am currently enrolled in the Stella Adler Acting Academy.