Although I grew up in a lovely Polish town, I am a mix of three completely different cultures. I am part Uruguayan, Greek and Polish which makes my life so exciting! I travel a lot and it has become my passion to this point that my goal is to visit every single country in the world! Learning about new cultures, cuisines and countries has made me learn new languages, so now I fluently speak english, spanish, polish and basic french, italian and german!
Recently I have graduated from University of Gdansk, got my masters degree in political science and diplomacy! My dream is to become a diplomat or work in the European Parliament!


I am also a very active and sporty girl! I have got my drivers license and I am a certified yoga instructor! I also enjoy skiing, ice skating, swimming, running, playing basketball and many more!
For six years I have been a student at the Music School of Gdansk, which I finished with the highest note! I can play the piano, which has become my favorite hobby and and ultimate skill! My life is truly dedicated to music and films. Cinema is the place where I could spend hours, watching my favorite actors starring in some good movies. In my free time I am going to a movie club in my city’s theatre, it’s always so much fun!