Peyton was born in the Windy City of Chicago, but was whisked away to Los Angeles when he was two. He discovered his passion for performing when he was nine years old after starring as Scarecrow in “The Wizard of Oz” musical at his school. This performance helped spark his love for being on stage and acting/singing. He began training his vocal range and technique and entered the amazing world of session singing as a boy soprano at the age of ten. For several years, he was working frequently with incredible producers including Danny Elfman and Michael Abels and has appeared on the James Cordon Late, Late Show and Jimmy Kimmel Live. Peyton’s love for performing continued to develop and he has had the opportunity to lead in classics such as “Singing in the Rain”, “Bye, Bye Birdie” and “Charlie Brown Musical”.


Outside the performing world, Peyton holds a black belt in Hapkido, is passionate about weight lifting, and is the owner of many small businesses. On top of owning a dog walking business, which he’s single-handedly run consecutively for the last three years, he owns a successful clothing business. This business has thrived throughout the years where he has successfully sold over 300 garments which he has repurposed and listed for a beneficial equilibrium. He is constantly scouring resale shops and growing his knowledge of the clothing world for items to enhance his own impressive wardrobe and to grow his inventory for his business. These businesses formed Peytons love for modeling. He looks up to the many leading models and is inspired to continue to grow in the challenging world of modeling and performing.