Riley grew up in a town in northern England, Nottingham. Spent her summers in Europe and still does. She was born into a family of gym freaks, her dad owning one. So naturally was an athlete and trained 5 days a week from the age of 8. All she did when growing up was be outside, play football, run, bike, cause trouble. Being outside in nature moving her body heals and inspires her. She got scouted on a school trip at the age of 14.


She did it part time for a couple of years getting the train to and from London until she was 16 and then got up and moved herself to be based there. She figured it out and managed to keep herself alive. She always knew she saw things a little differently, she started delving more into the creative world. Moved to LA at 22 and was back and forth between there and NY. She now does creative + styling alongside modeling and is starting her own brand – GEMELO.