A Californian kid, born in the Bay Area , I now call LA home. Having always lived close to nature, I thrive in the outdoors. Growing up, was spent either skateboarding , snowboarding in Tahoe, or playing guitar. After high school, I moved to San Diego and found a new love; the ocean. The beach became my second home, and surfing and lying in the sun, a daily routine.


Till then, I hadn’t thought about building a career with modeling, until a mutual friend and a photographer connected me with Photogenics. From day one, I enjoyed being surrounded by and working with exceptionally creative people, photographers, designers, and artists, and it was the opportunity to live creatively and express myself truly that won me over. Besides this, I travel as much as I can, Recently, I spent three months backpacking across Southeast Asia, and made the most amazing memories with some of my best friends, and to me that’s what most important.