Salanya lived in Bangkok for 4 years before being scooped up & planted in Los Angeles. Here, she sprouted into a full grown woman bearing fruits of compassion, creativity, and contemplative fervor. An artist and philosopher in her way, she adorns her body and thoughts with decadent flavors of expression. From handcrafted Colombian earrings that jingle with her steps to wondrous questions of our quantum existence, she always find something beautiful to decorate her space and time with.


She cartwheeled her way to San Francisco where she studied psychology and environmental studies for 4 years until she graduated barefoot, in a cascade of yellow silk. She flowed back down the grand I-5 river and found herself back home in Los Angeles. She now runs a bar and restaurant with her brother & mother in the rapidly thumping heart of Koreatown. In the past few years she’s studied herbalism, and received her certification as a Reiki master and trauma-informed breathwork facilitator – all of which she’s gathered into a loving bouquet that is her second business of holistic wellness.