Samantha’s journey from small town Nebraska girl to supermodel was uncharted territory, yet she always remained grounded in her Earthly element. Throughout her travels, Samantha followed her curiosities for the Truth which first lead her to the celestial study of astrology. Interested in everything she could discover on the subject of the stars, Samantha learned both Chinese and Western interpretations and became an avid natal chart reader and astrologer.


She began to intensely study gemology, lapidary: the art of cutting and polishing stones, and metalsmithing: the ancient craft of shaping and transforming metal. With this knowledge and a lengthly apprenticeship with former master jeweler of Tiffany’s & Co, Samantha launched Samvara Jewelry where she handcrafts each of her unique designs into one-of-a-kind pieces using ethically sourced metals and gemstones. Along her path to become a jeweler, Samantha’s ever present fascination with healing grew and she began participating in the age-old practice of herbalism.