Sean Lyles is a visual artist & vinyl DJ born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, raised in Phx, Maryland and Virginia. I have been a student of change since my youth, spending a majority of my time outside using his hands and playing sports. Basketball and Music have had the greatest impact on my life and have informed a large majority of my aesthetics today. As a visual artist I have worked with Nick Hakim, Future, and Vince Staples and I relish in aiding artists bring striking stories to their supporters via still or motion pictures.


As a wax DJ I am interested in reviving the art of dancing. My mission is to inspire movement through the masterful bleeding of genres, mixing unlikely pairs to create unforgettable musical combinations. Whether it’s swaying to soulful melodies, catching the disco boogie, or feeling the pulse of electronic beats, I am working to captivate the senses while resonating with the soul. I was scouted over a phone call at my retail job on Fairfax ave in Los Angeles CA.The modeling industry wasn’t an industry i was in pursuit of however since being a working model the greatest takeaway is learning to get out my own way. I also love visiting new places and having the opportunity to wear beautiful clothing.