If Sisi had the choice, she would be barefoot and outdoors every day of the year. She has a passion for the earth, for connection, for joy. Her bubbly personality has brought her on trips all over the world. From meditation in the mountains of Thailand with monks, a 420 km motorbike adventure of Northern Vietnam, getting her SCUBA certification on an island, skydiving in Africa, etc etc (you get the point) if it involves adventure and pushing her personal limits, she will thrive.


Growing up in a small town in Florida her passion for the ocean became a major part of her life. She cares deeply for conservation and the wellness of our planet. She graduated from university with a major in Communication studies in order to have a broad horizon to dance upon. She loves to find connection in social groups and her heart grows 10 sizes when she is able to bring people together. Her relationships with other women mean the world to her.